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Live on purpose

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One of the keys to effective leadership is being well-grounded in your personal life. A good friend of mine – Dr. Paul Jenkins (“Dr. Paul”) – has provided (and continues to provide) excellent life coaching. His work inspired me to write an article about effective leadership in product management that I titled “Lead on Purpose: How product managers lead teams to success” (it will be published in The Pragmatic Marketer in January 2008).

Dr. Paul does a weekly podcast you can access from Live on Purpose Radio, from his web site or on iTunes. His podcasts are inspiring and have helped me in many ways. I even recorded one with him; it’s called The Family Toolbox:

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my show Mike! Michael took a bold step to join me for an episode together with his wife and son. You can get directly to that episode through:


    You can post a comment on the show if you like.

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