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Cool idea!


I met this week with Bil Bowser to discuss his brain child called Noah’s, Your Place. I was highly impressed with the business he is building. His Noah’s concept brings together technology, real estate and entertainment into one slick, easy-to-understand concept.

In a nutshell, Bil and his team have taken ideas and experience gained from rental car companies and are using a similar model to rent out rooms to people for such things as weddings, parties and games. But what makes this concept even cooler is the technology behind it; Bil has created a scheduling system that allows people to go on-line, book the room they want, when they want it; after the transaction goes through they receive a code they use to get into the building and once inside the building into the room they have booked. They have access to all the amenities in the room (including HDTV, iMac computers, food, beverage, etc.) for the length of the sessions they have booked. When the session nears its end the lights dim to remind the people to wrap up, then they go out when it ends.

I can’t do it justice in a quick entry like this, so I encourage you to go to the Noah’s web site and check it out for yourself. I’m fortunate their first property happens to be in my home town. If you don’t live near Lindon keep a close watch because they are building several new properties in various states in the US. Bil’s leadership and focus will propel Noah’s to a household name within a few years.

2 thoughts on “Cool idea!

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  2. I have been on a couple of tours through Noah’s in Lindon, and the facility is amazing.

    Bill Bowser is a genius who is shortly going to be taking the world by storm, through creating massive value for massive numbers of people around the country.

    Thanks for the post!


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