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Starting over


Happy New Year! Yes, it’s a new year and we’re all starting over (in a way). I’m always eager to have new opportunities and try new things. Case in point: I got my family an iMac for Christmas. Yes, this long-time PC/Windows user/advocate/slave is now making the transition into a whole new world of computing. I’ve had my share of frustrating moments in the last few days, but I’m beginning to like it (enough that I’m writing this post on the iMac). I definitely feel like a novice user, but sometimes it’s nice start with a clean slate.

As if the new year, and the new iMac, were not enough, I started a new job today as director of product management for the company Alianza. I had a great experience for my first day. As I expected it was like drinking from a fire hose; the information came at me fast and furiously; I would expect no less. One of my favorite experiences is meeting new people. It’s especially gratifying when you meet people with whom you’ll be working, and you like them! That was my experience today. So while starting over may not be particularly easy, with the right attitude it can be a positive experience.

2 thoughts on “Starting over

  1. Mike, great post.

    To focus on starting fresh and being open to new things, both with your new computer and with your new job brings to mind a concept I have learned from studying a little zen buddhism.

    That concept is “having a beginner’s mind.” meaning, whenever we start something new, for the first time as a beginner, if we approach our new experience with an open mind, we tend to do very well, we see things from a fresh perspective, and even experience what is commonly referred to as “beginner’s luck.”

    Even more importantly, someone who approaches whatever they do with a “beginner’s mind,” whether they are very experienced in the subject matter or not can begin to see things with a new set of eyes, and see new things in the same old stuff, which invariably takes you to a new level of understanding and performance.

    I think you, Mike, are a great example of someone who approaches things with a “beginner’s mind.” Great post.


  2. Ross,

    I agree that having a beginner’s mind is key to progressing. As we approach things with an open mind we open up many more opportunities for ourselves.

    Thanks for your gracious comments.

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