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I have been following the folks at Pragmatic Marketing for nearly five years. A few months back I downloaded and read an e-book – The Secrets of Market-Driven Leaders – written by Phil Meyers, Craig Stull and David Meerman Scott. I was impressed by their insights into what really drives great companies and how the focus on the market drives them to success. Since that time I have been a regular on their blog: Tuned In. They do a great job of featuring companies that are tuned in (and why they consider them tuned in) as well as companies that are tuned out. I love the fact they all three write entries in the blog; you get a variety of ideas and a great depth of industry knowledge.

A few weeks back Phil hosted a webinar called The Secrets of Market-Driven Leaders. He followed it up with a post on the Tuned In blog. The webinar was perhaps the best I’ve ever attended and the blog entry is equally impressive. Both focus on helping organizations get tuned in to activities that align with the cultures, strategies and execution philosophies of the successful companies (and leaders) they studied. I recommend you take a look and determine whether your organization is tuned in.

Incidentally, their studies will be published in a book titled Tuned In: Uncover the extraordinary opportunities that lead to business breakthroughs that will be published by John Wiley & Sons and released in mid-2008.

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  1. Hey Michael, Many thanks for writing about our work here. Our hardcover book is at Wiley, our publisher, and is due out in June 2008. We would like to organize an early copy for you!

    Cheers, David Meerman Scott

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