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The future of social media

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When I hear the words “social media” I think of sites like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Each has gained notoriety that comes with a huge following.

My view of the future of social media was changed yesterday afternoon. I am at the Von.x conference in San Jose this week and attended a panel discussion about the future of social media. With Jeff Pulver, founder of Von.x as the moderator, the panel discussed their views of where social media is headed. The panel members included Robert Scoble, one of the foremost bloggers who is now running FastCompany.tv. He recorded the entire panel discussion on his video phone and streamed it live to qik.com.

The part that fascinated me the most about the discussion was watching them record live video that was streaming live to a blog, and they were receiving live chat / feedback during the presentation. They talked about showing things their kids were doing live to family all around the country. Seeing them record video, and get feedback, all in real-time was impressive. You can watch the panel discussion from Scoble’s perspective to get a feel for what I’m talking about.

In some ways the new social media scares me (I know people put bad things online every day that I don’t want my kids to see). However, these changes are happening whether we like it or not, so my take is we embrace them and use them to do great (responsible, upright, productive, etc.) things.

What trends do you see in social media?

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