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Fight or flight

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When we are faced with a difficult situation we usually respond in one of two ways: we either face the problem or we run from it. Which is more productive? The answer depends on the situation. If we are hiking a trail in the woods and a bear jumps out in front of us, perhaps running is the best option. If we have a big presentation looming ahead of us (that for some reason scares us) we should face it, work through our fears and move beyond. The longer we postpone or put off the things we fear – the things we know we have to face – the bigger they become.

I recently listened to a great podcast by Dr Paul about the topic of facing our fears. He interviews Ken Baker, the author of Brave Little Monster: Helping Kids Face Fears. Though the book was written primarily for children, their podcast discussion covers the topic in a way that is valuable for adults and also includes pertinent principles for leaders and managers. I recommend you take a few minutes and listen to the podcast. I’ve posted a direct link below:

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