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Greater than yourself

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One of the marks of great leaders is their influence on other people. Most of us can think of one or more people in our own lives who have helped us get to where we are today. Their ultimate goal is to help us become more successful and achieve more than they have achieved. It might seem like taking the time to help others be better than yourself would take away from your opportunities to improve (at whatever you’re working on). However, the very act of lifting and inspiring others improves the one doing the lifting and inspiring.The concept is helping other become greater than yourself.

Steve Farber, a leader and an author, recently started the GTY (greater than yourself) project. He’s looking for stories and videos about people who have helped others become greater than themselves; better writers, better singers, better speakers, better product managers (I had to throw that one in)…you get the idea. The way we can change the world is to help others to be greater than we are and help them catch the spirit to do it for others. Take a few minutes and watch Steve’s video where he introduces the concepts and challenge to find someone in your life to invest in as your ‘GTY’ project. While it will help the person (people) you choose, it will do wonders for you, for your success and your satisfaction with life.

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