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Backing your decisions

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An important factor in the success of an individual or company is the ability to make decisions and stand behind them. One of the most important things you can do — especially in a recessionary economy — is look for opportunities to do a better job at whatever it is you do with your time, and take on new initiatives with a positive attitude.

“It is sometimes taught that one of the most essential elements of success is the ability to say no. But I want to tell you from the fullness of my practical experience, of far greater importance is the ability to say yes and back it up.” This quote came from Jesse Jones, an important figure in helping the US pull out of the Great Depression.

Do not allow the constant bad news deter you from looking for new opportunities and making decisions. When you make decisions, stand behind them and do it on purpose.

The Product Management Perspective: Decisions are a constant for product managers. Remember back before you got the job…you observed product managers making decisions. they seemed to be in the thick of things; they seemed to be in control. Now you are in that position and it turns out it’s not quite as easy as it looks. There’s stress involved that you did not see before. What a great opportunity! Enjoy the chance you now have to make decisions and stand behind them.

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