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Moving forward


People go through many stages in their lives. Nobody is immune from difficulty. One of the key traits of great leaders is their ability to move forward despite the difficulties they face. Not only are they inspired to move forward themselves, but they also inspire others to advance with them.

Many methods exist to help people improve. Art Petty writes about the importance of creating a Personal Quality Program as a compelling way to make real progress in your business and personal life. In his post Art gives a brief history and definition of a Personal Quality Program and how it helps people become better individuals as well as leaders. After implementing this program, a group of MBA students came up with three conclusions, one of which resonates in this context:

Identify processes from your personal and professional life that you would like to improve.  These processes should be measurable and with purpose.  Process improvement should ultimately benefit you and/or your customer[s].  Focus on no more than 10 of these processes at a time.

The act of moving forward (progressing) requires action and effort. Putting together a plan — to help you progress to the next level — is a smart way to get started.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers almost always have more work than hours in the day to do it all, yet the pressure to release quality, market-driven products on time never ceases. To ensure that you continually progress as a product manager — meeting both the needs of your company and your own personal growth objectives — you should create specific objectives, write them down and abide by them. Think of it as a roadmap for your career.

4 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. I think General George Patton said it best. He said something, its not how far you climb, nor how fall you fall, its how big you bounce.

  2. Raymond, that’s an interesting quote. It reminds me of the old cowboy saying “when you get thrown off, you stand up, brush yourself off, and get back on the horse.” Persistence is the key. -Michael

  3. There was this quotation i received from Oprah’s Newsletter today. It says
    “I must begin again, and again I / must begin. Every time I lose, / I win and must begin again”
    —Joyce Sutpen
    By the way thanks for stopping by my site the other day.

  4. Joyce, another great quote; thanks for leaving it here. -Michael

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