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Market Sensing survey

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How well do you know the markets your products serve? What methods do you employ to gather market inputs? Does your market sensing process measure up?

Market Sensing is the process of gaining a profound understanding of the market by capturing market input such as enhancement requests, win/loss reports, analyst reports, market research, competitive analysis, etc.

You are invited to take a survey that asks key questions regarding effective market sensing. The results of the survey will be shared at a webinar scheduled for January 14th where you will have the opportunity to learn more about effective market sensing.

The Product Management Perspective: Capturing market input effectively is one of the most important roles for which product managers are responsible. The survey provides an opportunity to give your feedback this important topic. It will take you less than five minutes and the composite results will provide useful information for the product management community.

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  1. the five core business process?list an examples of each core business?

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