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Top 100 leadership blog

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Top 100 blogsThe Daily Reviewer has name the Lead on Purpose blog one of the top 100 leadership blogs. It is a tremendous honor to be named to this list with other great blogs such as Seth’s Blog, Management Excellence, The Best Horse Sense (a personal favorite since I grew up on a ranch), Great Leadership, the Tom Peters Weblog and many other great leadership blogs. In their own words:

The Daily Reviewer selects only the world’s top blogs (and RSS feeds). We sift through thousands of blogs daily to present you the world’s best writers. The blogs that we include are authoritative on their respective niche topics and are widely read. To be included in The Daily Reviewer is a mark of excellence.

Full attribution for this honor and the success of Lead on Purpose go to the following:

  • You, the readers: Your participation in the discussions and the content of the guest posts by several have significantly contributed to the success of this blog.
  • The product management perspective: Leadership is a crucial element of successful product management, and product management & marketing are key roles in successful companies. The combination is powerful and has meaningfully contributed to the success of this blog.

I give a heart-felt thanks to all for your part in helping Lead on Purpose win this award.

– Michael Hopkin

One thought on “Top 100 leadership blog

  1. Congratulations.

    I’m certain you put a lot of effort into your blog and you receive much in return.

    Keep it going…

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