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Enduring success


One of the key traits of great leaders is their ability to move forward despite the difficulties they face. They not only find ways for their own progress, but also find ways to help others along the way.Enduring success happens over time, bit by bit, day by day. The true definition of success is duration. Finding the will and the inner strength to keep going is crucial to progress. The following actions provide focus on long-term goals:

Take initiative: Volunteer for new assignments that no one wants to do. Don’t be afraid to do work that seems beneath. Taking initiative lays a strong foundation for success.

Work hard: Perseverance is the key to moving forward.  Those who keep working — despite trials, difficulties and stress — eventually achieve what they’re working towards.  As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Things may come to those who wait, but only what’s left behind by those that hustle.” Work hard and create your own opportunities.

Create success: Determine what success means to you and go for it. Be a learner, be inquisitive, find new ways to solve problems. Here’s a great three minute video by motivational speaker Earl Nightingale that describes why people succeed.

Iterate: No matter how much initiative we take or how hard we work, difficulties will arise. Don’t stop, don’t get discouraged. Reset and keep moving forward.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers almost always have more work than hours in the day to do it all, yet the pressure to release quality, market-driven products on time never ceases. To have enduring success as a product manager, incorporate the actions mentioned above to drive your product direction.

3 thoughts on “Enduring success

  1. The link for the video seems to be broken. can you repost please.

  2. Rob, thanks for letting me know. I’ve reposted with the correct link.

    – Michael

  3. Enduring success should be everyone’s goal, not just a one-time blaze of glory. Being able to sustain success does take a lot of work and you need to keep looking for opportunities everywhere.

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