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The top 5 blog articles for 2014

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Like many of you I like to take time at the end of the year to review what transpired and evaluate how I did—and that includes my blog. One of the things I do is review my top posts to find out what’s working and why.

Here are my top five posts for 2014:

  1. The importance of leadership in effective management
  2. How to lead with integrity
  3. Five factors to inspiring team members
  4. What are your 5 whys?
  5. How you can inspire others to do great things

Based on this list here are three observations about what’s working. And feel free to weigh in on these in the comments below.

  • Integrity is key to effective leadership. Great leaders understand that to lead effectively you must have a high level of integrity. As additional evidence, my top 2014 post from past years is Leadership and Integrity (from January 2012).
  • People want to improve their leadership. Whether manager or entrepreneur, people are looking for ways to improve. I call these ‘factors’ and have written several posts over time. My first such post, Five Factors of Leadership, is the blog’s alltime leading article (from May 2008).
  • Great leaders inspire us. We all know leaders who motivate us to step outside our comfort zone. They help us go beyond what we thought was possible. Are you that type of leader? If not, what can you do in 2015 to become that leader?

Thank you for your loyal readership! I look forward to a great 2015.

The Product Management Perspective: As product managers we’re always looking to the future, it’s sort of second nature for PMs. As you plan for 2015, take time to look back at the past year and learn from your successes and mistakes. It’s not always fun, but the time and effort spent will pay dividends in the coming year.

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