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Why leadership is a choice

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Are leaders born or are they made? Think about some of the great leaders you know…were they born with the ancestry, knowledge or foresight to reach what they have accomplished? Perhaps in a few cases some had extra help. However, most of the great leaders I know came from humble beginnings. They made decisions along the way, which improved their chances and guided them to success. They made the choice to become a leader.

Two Paths

People from humble backgrounds without much of worldly possessions, who rise up to great heights of leadership, inspire me. It’s not so much what they become in the end, but how they get there, what they do, and the choices they make along the way. We all know of leaders like this.

H3 LeadershipIn his book H3 LEADERSHIP author Brad Lomenick shares three actions anyone can take to become a leader: Be Humble, Stay Hungry and Always Hustle. He calls these the habits that create sustainable action out of chaotic energy.

Be Humble

“You aren’t a leader because you know everything, but because you know how to find answers and solve issues.” Humility is not weakness. Humble people listen to others and consider their input. They are confident, not arrogant. They live with conviction. When they say they’ll do something they do it.

Leaders have a sense of curiosity, wonder and excitement for their work. And yet the great ones don’t let their passions go to their head—they remain humble and grounded in reality.

Stay Hungry

“Never satisfied, but always content is the posture of a properly ambitious leader.” Great leaders are driven toward success by an internal ambition. They combine humility with a drive to be better. They practice as if they’re a starter and work as if they’re in the position they want next.

Great leaders are learners. They realize if you’re not learning you’re not leading to your full potential. The desire to learn fuels their hunger for success.

Always Hustle

Learn the habit of being excellent in all you do. Excellence comes from spotting opportunities, moving with decisiveness and moving toward completion in everything you do. Make it a habit to take thoughts from ideas to completion.

Great leaders are great finishers. They inspire those around them to improve. “Leadership is a choice, not a position. A title or position doesn’t automatically make you a leader. Influence makes you a leader.”

The journey to leadership is not short and it’s certainly not easy. It is a choice. Choose to become the leader you would want to follow.

This book contains much more than one blog post can cover. Get a copy of H3 LEADERSHIP and let it guide your choice to become a great leader.

Question: Which leaders have inspired your choices? What decisions have helped you become a leader? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: I’ve written about why product managers have to be leaders to ensure the success of their products. The principle taught in H3 LEADERSHIP offer a great guide for your product leadership.

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