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How digital trends affect SMBs

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The pace of change in digital technology continues to increase. How do you take advantage without letting it overwhelm you? What should you focus on?


There are many trends in the digital world, but not all will suit every small to medium business. The key for SMB owners is in understanding what trends they need to implement that will give them and their business a positive return on investment. Digital changes can be time consuming and of course expensive to implement so it’s really important to have this cautious attitude.

This infographic aims to highlight those digital marketing trends that small to medium businesses should focus on. It also gives actionable examples of how to achieve success.


This infographic is provided by Cube Marketing

Questions: What trends are you seeing with digital? Why is digital important to your business? You can leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: If you’re not building digital products, you use them and they’re important to your business. Keep an eye out for changing trends and how they affect your business.

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