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Developing influential leadership

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How do you effectively motivate others to do their best work?

One of the keys to becoming an influential leader is learning the skills—you can practice every day—that will establish your leadership. Finding ways to get yourself, your colleagues and your teams aligned and focused will pay dividends as you move forward. The world needs more leaders.

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In a recent post I wrote about rising above the distractions that inhibit your productivity. In that article I asked “what if you had specific tools to help employees (or you yourself) step up and become leaders?” How would becoming a better leader increase your value to your organization?

Today I’m pleased to announce The Leadership Skills Program, a new on-line conference I’m presenting with my good friend Steve Johnson from Under10 Consulting. This conference offers a series of on-line sessions with other aspiring leaders. We’re keeping it small (limited to only 20 people) to ensure lots of interaction. It’s not a lecture, but instead a facilitated discussion.

This program is our quest to build more great leaders. We will discuss and practice proven techniques to build your confidence and help you develop trust among your peers. Will you join us?

Questions: Why is improving your leadership important? What new leadership skill(s) would most benefit you? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: The Leadership Skills Program is especially well suited for product managers. To a large extent it’s the synthesis of what I’ve been writing about here for years, compiled in a way that will be meaningful and actionable in helping you motivate the teams you work with to create great products. It will give you the skills you need to lead with influence.

Will you join us?

One thought on “Developing influential leadership

  1. Also pursuing PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification helps to develop your management and leadership qualities. It enhances your project management skills.

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