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How making decisions leads to freedom

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Making decisions is never easy. Deciding on one thing over another ranks high among the most difficult things we have to do. The tendency is to postpone decisions as long as we can and put of the pain.

At its root the word of decision means to cut off. When you make a decision you go with one thing and leave all the rest behind. That’s a big reason why making decisions is tough.


Making decisions, even when they’re difficult, frees up time. Said another way, it allows us to focus on what we want to accomplish and not lose precious time on thinking about or wondering what could happen. Decisive action leads to clear focus.

Making decisions reduces stress. Having multiple options of how to use time and money creates anxiety. When we’re not sure what’s best we worry about doing the right thing. To reduce stress and anxiety, decide now and move forward.

Making decisions increases confidence. Progress happens when we decide and move forward. Through this process we have wins along the way. The wins along the way inspire confidence in our ability to do the right thing.

Playwright Henrik Ibsen summed it up nicely: “In the decisive moment I won the victory over myself. I chose to live. And believe me, it takes courage to choose life under those circumstances.”

Having the courage to decide and move forward will bring new freedoms not previously imagined.

Questions: What choice have you been putting off? How will making that choice change you, or change your life? You can leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: When you encounter decisions that must be made about your product, get the information and make the decision. Don’t procrastinate; your product’s success requires your willingness to make tough decisions.

One thought on “How making decisions leads to freedom

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