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Why you should focus on prosperity

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Prosperity is a mindset. How you live, and the resources that come into and shape, your life, ultimately come as a result of focus. What you focus on leads to prosperity, or the lack thereof.

Why should you focus on prosperity? How will it change your life and what benefits will it bring to your leadership?


The decisions you make in your life should be focused on doing the greatest good for the most people. The more you help others, the more you will prosper.

In a recent article on Entrepreneur.com, Best Selling author and sales guru Grant Cardone shared the essential importance of adopting a prosperity attitude. How do you show up to work? To work hard or to prosper? “Focus on prosperity and you’ll get prosperity. Focus on hard work and you’ll get hard work. What you show up for is what you get.”

The decision to prosper needs to permeate every aspect of our lives. “Bring the commitment and the decision to have prosperity in all of your affairs. In relationships, business, clients, friends — in all areas, bring prosperity. You get what you focus on. You know that to be true.”

I recently listened to a Dose of Leadership podcast where Richard Rierson interviewed Grant Cardone. He made a comment that struck a chord…speaking about the experience of attending a funeral, Grant said that when he dies, he wants people to say “rest in prosperity!”

As you focus on prosperity in every aspect of your life, you will have all you need for a great life—for you and all those whom you care for.

Questions: How much do you focus on prosperity? What can you do to improve your focus? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: The focus of this post is to make you aware of these positive resources for your prosperity. Take time to look into Grant’s work, and apply it daily to your product efforts.

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