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Creating a culture of persistence

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We live in a world that makes it increasingly easy to justify failures and abdicate responsibility. Too often the news trumpets the reasons why certain groups don’t get what they want, and they showcase how those in authority are responsible for others’ shortcomings.

While there are certainly injustices in world today, successful individuals don’t let them affect how hard they work or what steps they take to progress. Capable leaders keep doing the right things for their teams and their customers. They persist through difficulties, and in the process, they create a culture of persistence.


The importance of a culture of persistence cannot be overstated. You need people in your organization who will push through hard times. You need a team that will come together and do great things, regardless of what obstacles they face. You need to recruit team members that will roll up their sleeves and do what’s necessary to get the job done.

A culture of persistence needs fuel from many sources, but it starts with leadership. You can become the catalyst for this transformation by taking the following actions:

  • Start with yourself. Persist in everything you do. Don’t wait for others to act, take action yourself. If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Do it with a good attitude, do it well, do it now.
  • Show gratitude. Gratitude is the secret sauce. Being grateful for what others do, for their efforts, sends a powerful message. Look around you for the good things that are happening and express your thanks openly and enthusiastically.
  • Don’t quit. This one’s probably obvious: you cannot create a culture of persistence if you give up. Don’t let difficulties discourage you. Know that as you push through the obstacles, new opportunities will come. You will not only prove to yourself you can do hard things, but you’ll also give others the strength to persevere. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

You will most definitely have to persist to create a culture of persistence. It will not be easy and it will take hard work. However, cultivating a culture of persistence will result in growth, progress and success.

Questions: How important is persistence in your organization? What are you doing to create a culture of persistence? You can leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: The importance of persistence in creating great products cannot be overstated. Things do not always go as planned. Great product managers learn from the past and persist regardless of the obstacles they face. Product success does not come overnight, but instead comes over time, though consistent application of sound principles.

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