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Practical techniques for increasing team success

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Practical techniques for increasing team success

Teamwork is a key factor when it comes to creating workplace success. No doubt individuals with incredible talent can accomplish great things on their own. However, for your company to create great products and successfully complete projects, you need teams that collaborate.

Problems arise when teams aren’t committed to communicating and working together. What’s more, 86% of employees attribute major workplace failures to poor collaboration. Teams not committed to working together will never achieve the success they’re striving for. How do you get your teams collaborating?


Developing teams that work together requires work! Getting people onboard with your vision and mission takes focused effort. The time you spend guiding your teams is worth every minute you spend and every joule of energy you will exert.

While there are many positive approaches to building successful teams, one method is to use team building activities. Some may consider these old-fashioned relics and others may see them as a waste of time.  However, there’s something invigorating about coming together and doing out-of-the-normal things with your team that changes the dynamics of their interactions and drives new energy.

The following infographic details seven types of activities you can do with your teams to boost their morale, encourage collaboration, and focus their efforts towards successful outcomes.



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Questions: What team-building activities do you do regularly? How can these types of activities improve your team? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: Activities like these pose an interesting question for product managers: the teams I depend on don’t report to me, so should I lead or encourage these types of activities? Given that your success depends on the teams you work with, it’s in your best interest to make sure they’re all functioning effectively. While not all of the proposed activities make sense for the product manager to lead, the Common Goal, Problem-Solving and Collaborative activities produce results that lead to product success.

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