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Promoting Leadership Principles in Product Management

About the Blog

Lead on Purpose

Lead on Purpose

Lead on Purpose is a blog that promotes leadership principles in product management. Product managers play a key role in successful companies. In most organizations they do not have direct reports, but are still responsible for assuring that the right product is released on time and under budget. This dilemma puts pressure on product managers to inspire others to do great work – even though they cannot hold others accountable. As a result, product managers must be persuasive, flexible, persistent, and optimistic.

While the focus is primarily toward product management, the principles promoted on this blog apply generally to anyone who needs to persuade others to be better and work more effectively.

This blog is written by Michael Ray Hopkin. The views and opinions expressed on this site are strictly his. He welcomes all comments and feedback (as long as they are appropriate for all audiences); feel free to contact Michael directly.

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