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Interview with the Cranky Product Manager

One of the most intriguing online personalities is the Cranky Product Manager. For those of you not familiar with the Cranky PM, she is “a fictional product management professional at a fictional enterprise software vendor named DysfunctoSoft.” She blogs about … Continue reading


The paralysis of inaction

It’s no secret that difficult situations happen to everyone. Nothing you do will remove every obstacle on your path to success. At time, the difficulties — such as emergencies — happen quickly. In those cases most people act quickly and … Continue reading

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Effective leadership

This week’s posts on Lead on Purpose have been highly influenced by Steve Farber and his work in leadership. I had the honor of interviewing Steve on the Product Management Pulse yesterday. The conversation focuses on two areas: Extreme Leadership … Continue reading

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Messengers to the market

Product managers are the messengers to the market for their companies. In the latest episode of the Product Management Pulse podcast I interview Steve Johnson, a top thought-leader in product management. Through his years of experience as a software developer, … Continue reading