Lead on Purpose

Promoting Leadership Principles in Product Management


Michael has published several articles, recorded webinars and has co-hosted a number of podcast episodes with prominent industry leaders:

The Tuned-In Product Manager, co-written with Steve Johnson and published at PragmaticMarketing.com
Five Factors of Leadership, published at PragmaticMarketing.com
Lead on Purpose: How Product Managers Lead Teams to Success, published in The Pragmatic Marketer , January 2008

Tuned In with Phil Myers and Dr. Paul
The New Rules of Marketing and PR with David Meerman Scott and Dr. Paul

The Tuned In Product Teams, recorded with Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing
Lead on Purpose: Applying Leadership Principles to Product Management, recorded on Ryma’s Product Management View

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    My name is Andrew Richards and I work with Customer Dynamics. We specialize in Microsoft CRM. I came across your blog while searching for relevant guest post opportunities. It appears your site could be a good fit.

    I am interested in providing you with some unique content on customer relationship management. Please let me know what the next step is.


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