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How leaders create happy customers and great results

How do leaders create sustained growth and make an obvious improvement to the bottom line of their company? Is it really possible for one (or a few) people to make a major difference in the results of a big organization? The answer, of course, is ‘yes’—if they take the right approach.

When leaders engage with their employees and gain their trust, the employees in turn provide a positive experience for the customers. Delighted by their experience, customers come back. They not only come back, they tell their friends who buy products and services. The bottom line grows and, if practiced consistently over time, the company has long-term, sustained growth.

Michael Hyatt describes how influential leaders improve customer focus and make a major difference: Continue reading

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Create a positive customer experience

One of the keys to creating a successful product or business is customer satisfaction. They appreciate a great experience with a product or service and will not only reward you with their money they will tell their friends. Elliott Noss, whom I mentioned in a recent post, discussed this concept as it relates to imparting knowledge. He said the following (or something close to it): “You light your customers up with knowledge and they will buy more and more things, and they will feel good about.”

No matter what we do, we need to create a positive customer experience. If we exceed their expectations they will reward us handsomely.