Lead on Purpose

Promoting Leadership Principles in Product Management


Creating value

What are you doing to create value for your organization? What significance do you bring to the table? As a leader, how do you inspire your people to give their best to your cause? Take a minute to answer these questions.

The following quote from The Artist Farm links earning money to creating value:

Next time you are stressed out about money be self-reflective. Rather than stressing about how you can get more money for money’s sake, focus instead on how you can provide more value to more people. All sorts of wealth will flow from this mindset.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers are in a prime position to provide value to their organizations. One the most effective ways to create value for your company is to become an expert at market sensing. To the extent you guide your company to create and sell the right products and services for your market, you will become the hero of your organization.