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Seeing the positive outcome

An important aspect to success is the ability to envision the outcome. People who accomplish great things see themselves winning the game, closing the deal, getting the standing ovation, long before it ever happens. For some this concept seems weird and for many others it seems downright irrational. However, many people have proven it to be true and have given evidence to back their claims.

In the midst of an economic downturn people are looking for hope and evidence that things will turn out right. The tendency is to hunker down and act conservatively until things pick back up. In a recent post, Dr. Paul addresses this topic with a succinct (and famous) quote by Earl Nightingale: “You become what you think about.” Obviously your thinking cannot magically change the economy or make customers start buying more, yet the act of focusing on the intended outcome causes you to look at things differently. You begin to see opportunities in ways you had not seen before. Seeing the positive outcome is especially important for leaders. They must focus on doing the right things for their employees and customers, and foresee their organizations making it through the downturn and rising to new heights on the other side.

A note to those who are looking for employment, struggling to get new business or otherwise anxious about your current (personal) situation: take the time to map out what you want to achieve and then see yourself achieving it. David Meerman Scott wrote a recent post on how the old rules of finding a job do not work in today’s market. He wrote a post two days later with specific examples of how using the New Rules are working to help people land new jobs in a tough economy. I HIGHLY recommend these posts for anyone looking for work. Study what he writes, take action and see yourself succeeding.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers have to churn out products with resources from teams they do not control. Their ability to inspire team members to do their work effectively is key. Look ahead with optimism and work hard to help others catch the vision.


Podcast: The New Rules of Marketing and PR

A few months back I wrote a post about the best-selling book The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott. David is a thought leadership and viral marketing strategist. He has written several ebooks that have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. He teaches people how to get noticed online through creating information yourself and spreading the ideas or concepts to the world.

Yesterday I had the singular opportunity of participating in a podcast with David Meerman Scott. The podcast is part of Dr. Paul’s series called Live on Purpose Radio. We had a great conversation about the old rules of marketing, the New Rules of marketing, thought leadership, viral marketing and other important concepts such as making valuable content available for free. It was fun to participate and a great opportunity for me to ask questions and learn from the thought leader in viral marketing. Thank you David!

I encourage you to listen to the podcast and leave your comments about your successes with the New Rules of Marketing. You can download the podcast on iTunes or listen to it here:


New Rules of Marketing

New Rules of Marketing and PROne of the great new books to come of age is The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott. David writes and excellent book comparing and contrasting the “old rules” of marketing with the new. He writes with compelling explanations about how new technologies have changed the marketing / PR profession from a focus on communicating with journalists, reporters and editors to writing for and focusing directly on the end customer. He says that marketers must shift their thinking from mainstream marketing to the masses to a strategy of reaching vast numbers of under-served audiences via the web.

The traditional “interrupt” (TV-style) advertising does not work in today’s world. Blogs, podcasts, e-books, news releases, and other forms of online content let organizations communicate directly with buyers in a form they appreciate. And the best part of all (if done right)…the customers will find you and they will want to buy your product.

Producing and distributing ebooks is another great concept for which I consider David Meerman Scott the thought leader. He writes his ebooks with great content and puts them out for everyone to download with no obligations (he describes this process in at least one of the ebooks). They are all great, but my favorite is The Gobbledygook Manifesto; this ebook analyzes the most-used and under-meaningful words and phrases in business writing. It’s definitely made a difference in the words I use when I write (though I no doubt still throw in gobbledygook now and again).

I listened to a webinar last week where David answered questions about the new rules of marketing, effectively using blogs, viral marketing and other types of media to get your message out to the masses. We have great technology available now and David is becoming a master at using it effectively and teaching others to use it too. He is not only a leader in using new means of marketing, but he’s also teaching people how to be more effective leaders by using the new media and means of marketing.

David’s work—including his book—has been a tremendous positive influence for me. I am learning much on how to better market products and get the right information into the right forms so that it reaches the people who are looking for it. What have you found that works well for your organization?