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Messengers to the market

Product managers are the messengers to the market for their companies. In the latest episode of the Product Management Pulse podcast I interview Steve Johnson, a top thought-leader in product management. Through his years of experience as a software developer, SE, sales rep and then product manager, Steve has gained a deep understanding of technology products, from idea to release to success. Steve shares his experience in his typically humorous and instructive manner.

You can read about Steve’s latest ideas on his blog and download his eBook The Strategic Role of Product Management from his web site.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this episode.

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New Podcast: Product Management Pulse

Product Management PulseI am pleased to announce the launch of my new podcast: Product Management Pulse! The Product Management Pulse podcast connects you with today’s thought leaders in Product Management, Product Marketing and other areas important to high-tech product development. The podcast, hosted by me, contains interviews with guests in a conversational-style setting, which brings out the latest trends in technology product management, helps you improve your effectiveness as a leader and promotes ideas that will increase your value as a product manager.

Please check out the first episode and let me know what you think. Leave a comment with ideas to improve the podcast. I am constantly searching for new guests; please let me know who you would like to listen to on a future episode (yourself included).

Note: I am setting up an iTunes feed to make it easy to get each episode when published. You can also link to the feed directly from the PMP blog.