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Upcoming webinar

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has been proven to work, and is increasingly becoming the mechanism of choice for software delivery. Most of the software in use today was developed as traditional client/server or on-premise software. On Wednesday I will present the webinar Product Management Best Practices – Transition to SaaS, for The Product Management View webinar series. I happy to announce that Robin Lowry, VP Product Management at Ryma Technology Solutions will join me on the webinar. We will discuss important considerations in your decision to move to SaaS:

  • Does it make sense to move traditional software to SaaS?
  • When is the right time to move to SaaS?
  • How does SaaS affect product management?
  • Who should drive the SaaS initiatives and product direction?

We will discuss these questions and more with real-world examples of companies in various stages of transition to SaaS.

The Product Management Perspective: This webinar is all product management. Please join us: click here to register.

Disclosure: I work with Robin at Ryma Technology Solutions.

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Market sensing

A recent post introduced the concept of market sensing as the process of gaining a profound understanding of the market. To truly succeed you need to get customers, or more importantly potential customers, so excited about what you offer they will want to pay you for your products and services. To do this you must have a deep understanding of your buyers.

If your organization succeeds at market sensing, congratulations! If market sensing is not a strength, you have an opportunity to learn tips and tricks from an industry leader. On Wednesday Jim Holland will present Market Sensing 201, the second in a Product Management View webinar series that focuses on helping you define a simple, repeatable process for understanding your market(s).

The Product Management Perspective: The webinar will focus primarily on the application of market sensing to product management. Understanding the market is the first step to launching successful products. You will be well-served to participate in Jim’s webinar.

Disclosure: I work with Jim at Ryma Technology Solutions. Jim has tremendous experience and I am thrilled to be learning from him on a daily basis.