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Decisions, decisions

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Do you ever find it difficult to make decisions? I certainly do. In fact, my wife recently observed that I sometimes put off making decisions about things as long as I can. I’ve observed that when I put off making decisions it’s usually because I’m not ready to let go of the alternatives.

I found a great post from Mark Sanborn that takes a look at decisions from the perspective of making things happen vs. letting them happen; active vs. passive. The act of making decisions usually has a positive effect:

Making an important decision can be just the dramatic event you need to change course. Committing to a new course of action needs to be dramatic to get off the undesired course you’re on. Going through the discomfort or pain of changing a negative behavior is dramatic but might just save your life.

Take the active approach and make things happen that will benefit your life.

One thought on “Decisions, decisions

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