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One of the benefits of blogging and other forms of on-line social interaction is that you meet a lot of great people that you normally would never bump into. I’ve benefited significantly from associations formed over the past three years. Another benefit is people find you. Many bloggers have featured the Lead on Purpose blog on their sites over the past three years; for this I am truly grateful.

In the spirit of thanking these friends and introducing my audience to their web sites, here are a few links to sites you should take a look at:

  • Leadership Digital: An aggregator of the best content on leadership and management. This site shares frequent updates on improving leadership throughout organizations. Lead on Purpose is slated to join their ranks shortly.
  • Rasmussen College: A college with the goal of helping students graduate with a degree, get a meaningful job and build a career. They have five campuses in the upper mid-west and Florida, and a major presence on-line. They featured Lead on Purpose among 20 blogs business management students will love.
  • Online Marketing Degrees: Provides information to people who are seeking a college degree in Marketing. They recently featured Lead on Purpose in their 2010 Top Management Blogs awards.
  • Online Schools: Another accredited college that offers degrees online. They featured Lead on Purpose as one of the top 50 Blogs for building strong leadership skills
  • Noop.nl: Run by Jurgen Appelo who is an author, speaker, writer, etc. He included Lead on Purpose in his Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs post (this is chock-full of links to great leadership sites).

Thank you to all who have shared Lead on Purpose. But most importantly, thanks to all of you who read Lead on Purpose! I appreciate your support.

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