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Five Years of Leading on Purpose


Tomorrow marks the five-year anniversary of the day I started Lead on Purpose. It all started because of an invitation to publish an article in The Pragmatic Marketer (Jan 2008). I wanted an outlet to write about how you can lead regardless of your position or title. Five years has flown by and blogging has become a part of my life.

Writing this blog has been a great learning experience for me. On this anniversary I want to share a few of the key lessons I’ve learned about blogging and life:

Keep it short: Say what you want to say in a few words as possible. (I haven’t always done this.)

Leaders are learners: Take advantage of every opportunity you have to learn new things.

Producers prosper: Those who work hard to build, design, create or imagine new things are called “producers” and they always prosper.

Relationships are key. Spend time building relationships with family, friends and coworkers. Leadership is a relationship.

Trust is vital: Gaining and keeping the trust of those with whom you interact is vital to your success.

Lead with integrity: If you want to enjoy more success in life, live with integrity, lead with integrity.

Many thanks to all of you, the readers, and a special thank you goes to those who have actively participated through comments and guest posts. Here’s to another five years!

The Product Management Perspective: I love product management! I’ve spent the last 12 years working in product management in one form or another. Interacting with you – the product management professionals of the world – is what keeps me going, encourages me to continue writing and stokes the flames that make learning and growing so satisfying.

4 thoughts on “Five Years of Leading on Purpose

  1. Congratulations on five years and great post. I like that you put in the note about leading regardless of position or title and the tips are great to pass along to anyone, leader (yet) or not.

  2. Congratulations. Considering the statistics the five year milestone is a major achievement. Keep enjoying the journey.

  3. Appreciated yours thoughtful
    Ie being a purposeful Leaders
    toward Success !!

    Thanks Again !

    OU Sooner’73
    now in Bangkok

    (KhaoYai UNET Society
    ( for American open univ. of
    Open System Leadership Univ.
    ( OSLU) )

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