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Do you expect to win?


The people I consider successful all have at least one thing in common…they expect to win. They see themselves as winners and whatever they put their minds to they accomplish. Their ‘win’ does not always happen in the way they initially intend, but in the end they succeed.

One such example, who’s had a positive influence on me since I met him last August, is Monte Holm. Monte’s life has been an example of rising up from a difficult situation as a young man to becoming a top leader in the financial planning industry.

In 2011 Mr. Holm wrote a book titled: EXPECT TO WIN: A Strategy for Reverse Engineering Your Life. In the book, Monte compares life to a pipeline; we eventually get out what we put into it. He writes about six keys that lead to a life of happiness, joy, peace and wealth. He describes it as a “success pipeline” that has six parts: Faith, Vision, Dreams/Goals, Desire, Self-discipline and Self-respect. He ‘reverse engineers’ the success pipeline, starting with self-respect and working back to faith. He says:

My experience has taught me that there is a direct link between personal happiness and self-respect, between self-respect and self-discipline, between self-discipline and deep desire, between deep desire and clearly defined dreams/goals, between dreams/goals and the vision to see them fulfilled, and finally between that vision and the faith that it will happen in reality.

Monte closes with 11 points to help you stay focused and support the reverse engineering process:

  1. Balance: Weave faith, family, finances and fitness together—it’s an art, not a science.
  2. Relationships: Build healthy relationships with like-minded people.
  3. Change: If you are not an architect of change, you will be its victim.
  4. Complacency: Its root cause is a lack of faith, and it is never acceptable.
  5. Focus: Clarity of focus is key to a success-filled life.
  6. Time: Effeciently organize your time and get more time to do what you want.
  7. Decisions: The world’s most successful people are swift to make decisions and slow to change them.
  8. Adversity: Leaning forward into the winds of adversity is necessary for success.
  9. Money: Live within your means. Proper money management is vital.
  10. Excellence: Create a culture of excellence in all that you do.
  11. Leadership: There are no self-made millionaires, only team-made millionaires.

Monte’s approach follows a saying he often quotes: “where your mind goes your body will follow.” Success will come as you expect to win.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers play a key role in the success of their company through creating products that people will buy and use. The PM’s mentality drives his or her success. You should not only expect to win in your own lives and careers, but you should also expect that your products will win. That approach and mentality will make a noticeable difference in your company’s success.

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