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Why leaders need an attitude of abundance

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An end goal of every leader is to leave a long-term, lasting contribution on the people we lead. Doing the right things to move us toward that goal, consistently and effectively, is not easy.

Developing the right attitude makes all the difference.


A great example to me of an abundance attitude is my good friend Dr. Paul Jenkins. Years ago he changed the focus of his business (clinical psychology) from the traditional practice to a ‘positive psychology’ practice. This change grew out of a desire to help others live in abundance.

To Paul, the glass is never half empty, it’s not even half full…the glass is always full. He teaches this phenomenon clearly—with guidance on how to apply it to your life—in his book Pathological Positivity.

Cultivating this attitude gets us thinking differently. We begin to see opportunities we didn’t see before. New things open up to our vision that we would have missed had we not nurtured an attitude of abundance.

Another great example and teacher of abundance is Michael Hyatt. Though not stated directly, it’s obvious to me that his very successful leadership business is built on principles of abundance.

In one of his posts, Michael describes eight characteristics of abundance thinkers as follows:

  1. They believe there is always more where that came from.
  2. They are happy to share their knowledge, contacts, and compassion with others.
  3. They default to trust and build rapport easily.
  4. They welcome competition, believing it makes the pie bigger and them better.
  5. They ask themselves, How can I give more than is expected?
  6. They are optimistic about the future, believing the best is yet to come.
  7. They think big, embracing risk.
  8. They are thankful and confident.

The right attitude changes everything. To increase your effectiveness as a leader, look for the positive. Be thankful to everyone around you. Commit to an attitude of abundance.

Questions: Why is having an attitude of abundance important to you? How has an attitude of abundance shaped your life? You can leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: The point of leading with an attitude of abundance is important for product managers. It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have all the answers. To the extent you are willing to consider all options from the different stake holders, the better your products will turn out.

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