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How the workplace is changing

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Today’s workforce is working from home more and more. This trend is growing and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. A recent study from Polycom shows that almost a full third of employees around the globe are regularly working remotely, and almost two-thirds have some sort of flexible work schedule. Clearly the concept of the workplace is changing both rapidly and dramatically.

Work Remotely

If you’re looking to draw a younger workforce as part of your recruiting process, a flexible work schedule is a key benefit. Over two-thirds of millennials reported a work-from-home (WFH) benefit would “substantially increase their interest in an employer.” For job seekers looking for a more casual work environment, WFH might be just the opportunity you need to gain their attention. Thinking remote work might be a good fit for your organization? Take a look at this infographic from home intercom system for more stats and info about how remote work is working for millions of Americans!


Questions: What trends are you seeing in the workforce? Does your organization have a flexible work schedule? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: Product teams are becoming more remote every year. To work effectively you need to figure out how to take advantage of tools and procedures that enable the remote workforce.

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