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Entrepreneurship as a Corporate Value


Guest post by Harrish Sairaman

Entrepreneurship is an important, integral part of modern corporate world. The entrepreneurs bring a different flavour to the companies in terms of expediting different values such as innovation, quality, trust, Ethics, Morals, Code of conduct,, adaptability to situation, personal integrity etc. to name a few.

Entrepreneurs not only contribute to the financial development of the firm, but also, they contribute heavily in the economy of the country as well. There are certain corporate values that the entrepreneurs bring to the world that can be explained as follows.


  1. Innovation & Creativity:-
    Innovation and creativity, these can be proven as powerful tools for the entrepreneurs. By practicing innovation & creativity, they can bring up change in terms of diversified opportunities for the company. With the help of such tools, entrepreneurs can do the same things but in a different manner, that is appealing to the audience even more. The market always welcomes the innovative concepts & ideas in order to progress.
  2. Quality in terms of Products & Services:-
    Quality is an aspect that can win the trust of the stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees and all the people that are associated with an entrepreneur. This is a value that is expected out of entrepreneur by default and qualitative deliveries help to fetch out more profit for the corporate. Quality helps to achieve the market leadership, customer reliance and empowerment to a larger extent.
  3. Transparency:-
    Transparent policies, procedures, opinion etc. can encourage the stakeholder, customers, and suppliers etc. to invest more in the company. Transparency helps to specify the goals clearly to the people and let them know the clear path, following which, the goals can be achieved. This can manage the expectation of the people and builds the trust in the company. The decision makers can make the better choices of the available options. Transparency can establish the brand.
  4. Ethics, Morals & Code of Conduct:-
    Strong and well defined code of conducts are the key components that can encourage the people to invest in the business. It goes on both, internal & external levels. It increases the morale of the employees working with the entrepreneur, company or corporate. Moral practices bring the sense of trustworthiness among the people associated with the corporate. It protects the rights of the stake holders associated with it. Ethical foundation is essential to ensure the growth of the company. Moral clarity can help to convert the complex decision making in the simplified format.
  5. Adaptable:-
    An entrepreneur must have the adaptability to adjust to any situation. The same can be helpful to improvise the situation. The change is the only thing that is constant, and the entrepreneur should be adaptable to the changes that can bring innovation, creativity or positive output. This can be helpful to improve the productivity and bring the company near to the perfect situation. If a company is facing the ambiguous situation, then the path can be derived with bringing in adaptability cum change.

Harrish Sairaman is one of the top Corporate Trainer in India. He is one of the co-founders of The Next Dimension, a company which has been established with the intent of empowering individuals. Harrish believes in a high energy, insightful learning experience driven by impactful activities to bring in a transformational shift amongst his participants.  Having conducted over 900+ workshops, Harrish has touched lives of over 2,00,000 participants.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers are entrepreneurs at heart. Your products will improve as you focus on these values.

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship as a Corporate Value

  1. Entrepreneurs contribute to the financial development of the firm as well they increase the creativity of firm. Many entrepreneurs are making their own space in the corporate world.

  2. Well put! Entrepreneurs must take this advice.

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