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Employee development on purpose


Recently companies have raised their focus on why customer success matters and how to delight increasingly demanding customers. At its core, creating happy customers requires happy employees—the front-line people who interact continually with customers.

What are companies doing to develop their employees? Do free lunches and game rooms provide the needed motivation to keep employees excited  and customers happy? What are you doing to improve employee engagement in your organization?

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A new Leadership Development Carnival

The Lead on Purpose blog is featured in the July Leadership Development Carnival of Dan McCarthy’s Great Leadership blog. Jim Holland’s guest post Leadership Lessons from a Kindergarten Class is the focus.

July’s Leadership Carnivals brings together links to more than 25 fresh posts on topics such as accountability, talent management and succession planning. You’ll find posts from great bloggers such as Wally Bock and Chris Young. The Leadership Development Carnival is well a half hour of your time.

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January Leadership Development Carnival

Dan McCarthy recently published his January Leadership Development Carnival with links to posts about succession planning, talent management, self-improvement and other great topics on leadership development. I am honored that Dan included a recent post from Lead on Purpose in his FOGL (friends of Great Leadership) section.

Dan’s monthly leadership carnivals bring many thought leaders together in a single forum where you can gain tremendous insight into leadership practices. Take a few minutes to read the Leadership Development Carnival; it’s well worth your time.