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Fearless at Work

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The concept of being fearless is intriguing. Though it’s something I’ve heard and known about all my life, it was driven home in a profound way when I first read The Fearless Mind and began living the principles in my life and helping my son in his quest to become a top ballroom dancer. Understanding fear and learning how to deal with it effectively is key to progressing in any endeavor. Learning to be fearless at work will help you in your career.

Fearless at WorkIn his book Fearless At Work: Timeless Teaching for Awakening Confidence, Resilience and Creativity in the Face of Life’s Demands, author Michael Carroll shares his experience with discovering the fearlessness that defines us as noble human beings. Fearlessness comes from being confident – confident that no matter the work situation, we can rely on ourselves to be self-assured, resourceful and at ease.

Carroll uses his 37+ years of experience being trained by Buddhist teachers in contemplative disciplines for cultivating fearlessness. He shares his experience through 38 slogans divided into five main parts in the book:

  • The Five Primary Slogans
  • Exploring the Ironies of Cowardice
  • Taming the Mind
  • Establishing a Fearless Presence
  • Living a Skillful Life

The slogans in the first section are particularly interesting:

  • Face the fierce facts of life
  • No delight; no courage
  • Recognize fear
  • Discover the jewel of fearless abundance
  • Command gracefully

Developing a confident and fearless attitude is a choice we make, moment by moment for the rest of our lives.

To be perfectly honest, I do not agree with many of beliefs and teachings discussed in the book. However, the author’s application of the principle of fearlessness is useful. I recommend the book as a good reference for strengthening confidence.

The Product Management Perspective: Confidence is a must-have for product managers. If you have any self-doubts or lack of confidence in your work, I highly recommend reading and applying The Fearless Mind and Fearless at Work.

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