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Influential leadership

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One of the marks of great leaders is their influence on other people. We all know people who have helped us get to where we are today. Their ultimate goal was to help us become more successful and achieve more than they have achieved.

It might seem like taking the time to help others be better than yourself would take away from your opportunities to improve (at whatever you’re working on). However, the very act of lifting and inspiring others advances the one doing the lifting and inspiring. This is the heart of influential leadership.

The way we can change the world is to help others to be greater than we are and help them pass it on. While your positive influence will help those you choose counsel, it will do wonders for you, for your success and your satisfaction with life.

The Product Management Perspective: Product managers rarely manage the people or processes necessary for their products’ success. To succeed you need to build consensus and exert positive influence on the teams you work with. Be the influential leader and you will see an increase in the success of your products.

One thought on “Influential leadership

  1. I have been a product manager for three years now and can’t agree more. A good team is the heart of prosperous business. So one needs to do whatever s/he can to build strong ties between co-workers.

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