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How leadership links to independence and prosperity

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Today in the United States we’re celebrating Independence Day. This is a special time because it represents the efforts of great leaders, in the late 1700s, who risked everything to form a new country where people could pursue their dreams. Those men were not only great leaders in their day, but their influence continues to inspire others—all around the world—to step up and do great things.

I’m not a historian, but I have read enough about the US Founding Fathers to understand their vision that forming a country where people were free to pursue their dreams would lead to innovation, industry and prosperity. They knew that given the opportunity, individuals would rise up and do great things. They were right.

Founding Fathers

How can leaders in the 21st century apply the principles of independence to their work? Here are three links back to 1776 that will help us move forward to becoming great leaders in 2016:

  1. Fight for what you believe in. Fortunately, in today’s world actual fighting and wars occur far less than in century’s past. However, beliefs and ideologies, which would restrain progress, seem to be growing ever more prevalent. To continue enjoying the freedoms we hold dear, we need to stand up and be heard. Look for ways you can join the fight for freedom in the 21st  century. The Founders knew this and established a governing system where individual voices mattered.
  2. Work together for independence. Working with and trusting others is important. The more we give of ourselves and willingly help others, the more success we achieve for ourselves. Look for ways you can build up your team and help others around you. The Founding Fathers worked to shore up the confidence of the people. They inspired them to a cause greater than themselves.
  3. Don’t give up. Perseverance is the key to success. As you continue to work and fight for your pursuits you will succeed. The Founders fought through times and difficulties hard to imagine in today’s world. They had a vision and they never gave up.

We should never live in the past. However, there are many wise people, long gone now, from whom we can learn much. The US Founding Fathers are one of those groups. As we apply lessons from their lives, our prosperity will increase.

Questions: Why is independence important to you? What type of independence has leadership brought you? You can leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: The Founding Fathers inspire me. Their innovation, for their time, led to things we all enjoy today. Is there any reason we can’t have the same attitude for our products?

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