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How to improve your customer service


Customer service continues to capture the attention and focus of companies, but many organizations still struggle to raise it to the level for which they are striving. What factors play in to good customer service? What do customers really expect?


Improving customer service requires focus and hard work. You need to promote the right things throughout the organization, and especially among the workers who frequently interact with customers. The right training is key to rolling out a successful program. And what’s exiting, and perhaps somewhat intimidating, is the acceleration of new technologies that are changing the game of customer service.

This infographic highlights important aspects of good customer service practices and how the growth of new technology is creating efficiencies.


This infographic is provided by Cube Marketing


Questions: What steps are you taking to improve customer service? You can leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: As the product manager you want happy customers. You depend on the support team, sales reps and consultants to touch all your customers, and you likely get frustrated you can’t spend more time with them. You are in a key role for customers, and the work you do to create the right products for your customers will pay dividends as you move forward.

2 thoughts on “How to improve your customer service

  1. This is such a good article with loads of great advice! However I would add one more tip and that’s to hire virtual receptionists. As a small business owner I can completely vouch for the effectiveness of a virtual receptionist. Within my business we have to deal with a plethora of a calls on a daily business, where a few receptionists simply wouldn’t be able to cover the amount of calls we receive. I’d actually have to hire an entire department simply to man the phones if I was to cover all incoming calls and queries! But a while ago we hired virtual receptionists and we’ve never looked back since. I’ve used a multitude of companies but we are currently using a company called Norango and I can highly recommend them as we have had great results from them.

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