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How do you land the career of your dreams?

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Guest post by Frank Song

Many working professionals are stuck in underpaid, intellectually unstimulating jobs, and at companies with no career growth potential. Do you know anyone in this position? Does this describe your situation?

In today’s competitive landscape, you need to take a different approach to landing the career of your dreams.


When it comes to landing a great job, you need to focus on the roles, pay packages, locations and other important aspects of a fulfilling career. Getting your strategy right is key to winning offers against some of the world’s most competitive candidates.

Another important aspect to landing a dream career is setting your target high, aspiring for companies you may feel have been out of reach. Whether you’re a C-level executive, director, manager or just starting your career, taking the correct actions and forming the appropriate mindset are central to landing the right opportunity. For example, when you’re looking for a new job, you’re in sales; in fact, you’re in enterprise sales. You need to formulate a plan that will help you land a large enterprise client. You can leverage your prior work experience and/or your skills to get into the career path that you like. If you hold an Engineering MBA online degree, for example, it’s only fitting that you reach for a position that’ll guarantee your role to be relevant to it.

Take a scientific, practical, and actionable approach to helping you get paid every dollar that you’re worth. You need to avoid the silly social media marketing or “10 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job” that don’t work for today’s professionals.

With The Ultimate Guide, we’ve put together a thorough, detailed, and efficient strategy to landing a job offer in any industry and for any role. With this extensive resource, you’ll find yourself with a true understanding of exactly every move made in the job search process, and how to capitalize on each opportunity.

You need to understand the fundamentals of picking the right opportunities, and a winning approach to picking the best, most actionable companies for your job search process. Write your resume to convert into 12x as many interviews. Ultimately, you want to walk into those interviews, negotiate effectively, and leave with multiple offers consistently. The guide is a no frills, precise, and effective approach to job search that will serve as an invaluable resource for anyone looking for success in their own career.

No matter what methods you use, you need to take a different approach that meets today’s business needs for employers. Landing the career of your dreams takes hard work and keen strategy, and it’s absolutely within your grasp.

Frank Song, a nationally recognized speaker and expert in landing top-tier offers, is the founder of Modern Career Advice, trusted by UC Berkeley to teach the school’s 450,000+ alumni their approach to job search. People that have used Frank’s strategies had an average pay increase of $31,673 within a year.  Prior to founding Modern Career Advice, Frank personally won $1,634,000 in offers himself by utilizing this exact same data-driven, scientific, and logical approach. In his last position, Frank was a Private Equity Investor at Accel-KKR, a private equity firm that managed $2.3 billion, specializing in buyouts and structured investments in technology companies. Prior to joining Accel-KKR, Frank was an Investment Banker at Stifel Nicolaus Weisel, where he executed mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and leverage buyout transactions.

The Product Management Perspective: If you feel your career is stalling, perhaps it’s not progressing in the way you had planned, you need to look into new strategies and apply them to your career aspirations, whether they be within the product realm or somewhere beyond.

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