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Supercharge your team’s motivation

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The most successful companies have motivated leaders, and those leaders inspire motivation at all levels of the organization.

Is it possible to create an environment where great work happens and everyone is motivated?


There are organizations that advocate hiring the best, most motivated people. They think that if you hire the right people, they will self-govern and great things will happen. Others look to their leadership teams to encourage workers and create a motivated organization. Regardless of the approach, there are three key attributes to motivation:

  • Passion: It starts with the desire to get things done, an internal drive to see things happen. As individuals, we need to work on this every day. As leaders, we need to create an environment where people have reason to show passion for their work.
  • Dedication: For motivation to flourish, you need to be dedicated to the cause, committed to the overall mission of the organization. Dedication comes from a belief in the work you are doing.
  • Accountability: To move the cause forward, you need to take responsibility for your own outcomes. You don’t blame others. You don’t blame the external environment. You take the approach that no matter what, you will do whatever it takes to get the results you expect.

As the leader, one of the keys to your team’s motivation is allowing them to take risks. Create a culture where it’s ok to try new things, where they know you have their back, and where failure is an option if they learn the right lessons and move forward. Give your team members the latitude and support they need, and they will give it back in spades with the work they achieve.

Motivations differ among individuals and organizations. By focusing on these attributes, you can supercharge your team’s level of motivation regardless of your position.

Questions: What issues do you face with your team’s motivation? How do you become the change agent? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: One of the key aspects of the role of product manager is to motivate the people you work with. In this role, you can work closely with many people in the organization and make a big difference in how people see their roles. Work hard to inspire people and your products will benefit.

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