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Resilience in change

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Change happens. Change is one of the inevitable aspects of business and life. Some find it difficult to deal with change, and their attitude toward it limits their growth. I believe the biggest inhibitor is their inability to see past the here-and-now and look to a brighter future.

Others embrace change and handle it constructively. They press forward with an eye to the future. They recognize that different aspects of their lives evolve over time, and embrace the change as it comes.


Leaders must deal with the inevitable changes that come, and help their people stay positive. Their ability to move forward with resilience, changes the game for their business.

David Bradford recently wrote a great article about a young golfer who knows how to spell success. In summing up the golfer’s story, he gives this persuasive advice:

Resilience is the ability to bounce back when things fail to go as planned. Business resilience is the ability to have your enterprise adapt to disruption and competitive challenges. Leaders of resilient Companies don’t allow their employees to wallow in self-pity. They acknowledge tough business conditions, learn from their mistakes and find creative ways to overcome. Wise leaders know that victory in business is never assured and failure is never final.

Here are three simple, yet powerful ways leaders can increase resilience and deal with change effectively:

  • Be flexible: Don’t get set in your ways. Know ahead of time that things are going to change, and when they do, embrace them and move forward. If you’re rigid and inflexible, the changes that come will be painful.
  • Be accountable: When situations change, take charge. Take responsibility for what is happening and work to help others deal with the changes. Lead out in facing the moment and dealing with it head-on. Others will follow and they will appreciate your leadership.
  • Look to the future:Your attitude towards change will determine how it influences you. If you worry and fret about what is happening, it will have a negative effect. If you look for the positives in the situation, and move forward with confidence, everything that changes in your life will have a positive outcome, and your attitude will help others.

You can move forward with resilience, you will do great things. Focus on proceeding with resilience, and take note of the success that comes to you.

Questions: How do you deal with change? What have you done, in your life or career, to demonstrate your resilience? Please leave a comment in the space below.

The Product Management Perspective: “Failure is never final” is a good principle for product managers. We naturally take a lot of risks in the work we do, but too often we’re held back by fear of failure. When changes come, move forward with resilience and you will love the results.

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