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Five questions to ask each week

I ran across a great audio blog post by Mark Sanborn where he poses five questions we should ask ourselves at the beginning of each week. These questions serve as a guide to live by design and not just react to things as they come. They will improve your personal and professional situation.

Here are the questions:

  1. What will I learn this week? Identify what you need to learn, want to learn and how you will learn it. Growth and development rarely happen accidentally.
  2. What relationship will I improve? What relationship needs repair or nurture? Think in terms of both who and how.
  3. What problem will I address or avoid? Look for a problem that is looming on your horizon and head it off.
  4. What opportunity will I seize? Too often we’re fixated on our problems and miss our opportunities. Look for opportunities in the midst of challenges, struggles and difficulties; they’re out there.
  5. How will I increase my value? Think in terms of what you can do to increase your value to your employer, your customer, to your family. Providing more value than you consume makes you a producer.

To improve your business or life, ask yourself these questions and then act on the answers. “Do business by design rather than by default.”

The Product Management Perspective: We will improve our effectiveness and our ability to work with others by giving careful thought to these questions. As product leaders we need to plan and then move forward with focus and energy.

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Realities of change

I’m out camping in the mountains this week, far away from the connected world, so I “pre-loaded” my blogging gun with a link to a great post.

Today’s link comes from Mark Sanborn. Change is a constant part of growing, whether it be personal growth or growing an organization. In his post The Realities of Change, Mark presents ten truths to help you progress in your career.

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Compelling questions

The combination of difficult economic times and the year-end has caused serious introspection by many. In a recent post, Mark Sanborn poses 14 questions leaders ask themselves. These questions are appropriate (and important) for leaders and for anyone who is working to improve his or her life. I highly recommend you take a few minutes to read through the questions, answer them directly, and resolve to make changes based on your answers. It will be well worth your effort.

The Product Management Perspective: Question 8 in Mark’s post is especially fitting in the context of product management.