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Promoting Leadership Principles in Product Management

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Developing influential leadership

How do you effectively motivate others to do their best work?

One of the keys to becoming an influential leader is learning the skills—you can practice every day—that will establish your leadership. Finding ways to get yourself, your colleagues and your teams aligned and focused will pay dividends as you move forward. The world needs more leaders.

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Win with Win/Loss analysis

I’m away this week, so I “pre-loaded” my blog with a link to a great post.

One of the best ways to learn about what we do wrong or right in selling our products is to talk with the people who tried to buy them, either successfully or not. Steve Johnson shares valuable information on Win/Loss analysis that will help product marketing managers understand the buying behaviors of their customers and translate their findings into better products.

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Messengers to the market

Product managers are the messengers to the market for their companies. In the latest episode of the Product Management Pulse podcast I interview Steve Johnson, a top thought-leader in product management. Through his years of experience as a software developer, SE, sales rep and then product manager, Steve has gained a deep understanding of technology products, from idea to release to success. Steve shares his experience in his typically humorous and instructive manner.

You can read about Steve’s latest ideas on his blog and download his eBook The Strategic Role of Product Management from his web site.

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